I am a Graphic Designer, Advertising Designer and over the years I have always kept myself updated with market trends and needs. I have over 25 years of experience.


I have knowledge to solve graphic problems and challenges for companies/customers.


The correct layout to reach the target audience is very important. A wrong framing, a wrong source, the lack of study about the product/service can hinder the desired message.


A successful negotiation depends solely on the presentation of the idea.


Visual Identify

Visual Identity is very important for your company.

The right study for your logo, colors and applications. A professional company has standards that are passed on to its customers, showing seriousness and responsibility.

 3D Modeling

In the digital age, it is necessary for us to convey the idea in a precise way, but in an agile way. Be it a product, illustration or character, 3D is the solution that comes closest to reality.

Social Media Design

An ad that looks to be desired, whether the product or service is excellent, is null due to lack of proper creation and execution. Social networks are valuable gateways. A good design balance is essential.


Program, website and application interfaces must be agile and intuitive. Combining the study of the experience and the user’s ease of navigation and an intelligent design, the product has greater acceptance in the market.


Content Layout

2011/2017 – I had the honor of creating the visual identity of the newspaper Impresso A Banqueta (tabloid) and diagrammed it weekly.


 I developed special articles and covers, illustrations and montages.


2008 – Financial Booklet – Corecon. Educational book for the finance area.


2005/2007 – Industrial Guide – EBCE. MG Merchants Catalog.

Art Director

2002/2005 – Art Director of the city of Santa Luzia/MG. He was responsible for creating and developing campaigns and advertising pieces. He developed vignettes for instructional videos. He was responsible for the quality of the arts for any projects of interest to the city.

 3D Modeling

Throughout my career I used 3D to illustrate campaigns and advertising pieces. I have several characters and pets. I develop items for game creators.


3D is a tool that I am always updating with the news each year.


Logos, mascots, models and illustrations

Interface / Users

Websites, application interfaces online, or off. Interfaces for internal systems of companies.


Study with the final customer (persona), where through research developed the best fluidity and interface, intuitive and simplified.


Interfaces for: software, websites, land pages and news letters.



Le Vilela - Director: Studio Vita Corpus

"I've known Elton for many years and followed some of his works, including those directed to my company. So I can say with propriety that his professionalism is unique and that even before we became a couple, he had already conquered my admiration. You can see, observing each of his work, his mastery of different techniques and his passion for delivery, which are his biggest differential in my point of view. His art goes beyond, always surprising the customer in a positive way. I recommend."

Fred Sarti - Director: Grupo TV Banqueta

“Elton is an excellent designer. He was the creator and creator of all the brands of Jornal A Banqueta de Notícias and TV Banqueta, which we even use today. He has a sensitivity in being able to convey in the logo what we want the brand to convey to the public! I not only recommend it, I recommend it!”

Sidney Oliveira - Director: Pickles Filmes

"It's hard to talk about Elton, he was the guy who created one of my brands, not to mention the countless arts for my clients, creativity is not lacking..."